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Please follow these simple steps to place your order. Please see order form below.

To FAX your order:

You can either copy and paste the order form into your favorite word processor or fill it in by hand.

To type your order in a word processor: Copy it using the method described below from your web browser and paste into your word processor program. After filling out the required fields, print and FAX to us at (504) 947-7035.

To fill in by hand: Print the order form from your web browser and fill out the required fields. Please print clearly in capital letters.

To Email your order (in Windows 95, 98, NT):

  1. In your web browser, go to "Edit" on your taskbar (at the top) and click on "select all" (or simply press Ctrl A on your keyboard). You will see all the text on your browser highlighted.
  2. Go to "Edit" on your taskbar again and click on "copy" (or press Ctrl C on your keyboard).
  3. Go to your mail program, compose a new email and select "Edit" on your taskbar and click on "paste" (or press Ctrl V on your keyboard).
  4. Type in all the required information and email to us at order@1800usaflowers.com
Note: This contract form will become null and void if tampered with in any way.

Balloon/Flower/Singing Telegram Order Form:

What is the name  of the city where you saw our advertisement?
Yellow Pages __ White Pages __  TV __  Internet __ Other __

Recipient's information:  (Name of the person to whom  you are sending the gift)
Recipient's name:
Name of person at location who knows its coming:
Location phone number:
Name of company, restaurant, hotel, or other:
Street address:
Apt., Suite, or Room number:                      Floor:                        Building Number:
City:                                           State:                      Zip code:                   Name of nearest city:
If the order is going to a restaurant or hotel, please put the name of the person in whose name the reservation is in:
Delivery Date:

Deliveries can be made 8am-12 midnight  Monday through Saturday. (If you need a delivery time other than is offered, please call our main office at (504)  947-1057 to make arrangements).

Number of balloons:
Flower arrangement code number:
Type of gift:
Singing Telegram: 1st choice:                                                      2nd choice:

Please print the telegram message you would like to send:

Who do you wish to say this telegram is from:

See credit card information below.

Please also fill in the information below and include with your order

Credit card holder's information:
Customer's name on credit card:
Credit card number:
Expiration Date:

Cardholder's address:
Zip code:

The customer service phone number on the back of your credit card:
Cardholder's office phone:                    ext.
Res. Phone:
Name of person placing order:
His/her phone number:

Singing Telegram Price (if applicable): $
Flower Price (if applicable): $
Balloon Price (if applicable): $
Gift or Gift Basket Price (if applicable): $
Miscellaneous/Other Item (if applicable): $
Delivery/Service Fee (see below): $
Add 10% Wire fee to the above amounts: $
Total amount to be charged to your credit card: $

If faxing your order:
Please place your signature here:  X _____________________
Print your name here: X ___________________

If emailing your order:
Please enter your email address here:

Delivery/Service Fee:
If you place your order 24 hours or more in advance, the delivery/service fee is $7.50.  For same day orders, placed before 12 noon in recipient's time zone, the delivery/service fee is $14.50.  For orders placed after 12 noon in recipient's time zone, the delivery/service fee is $23.50. (For outlying areas over 20 miles from the destination city, call for the delivery/service fee).

On the appointed delivery day, should we go to the address you've given us and the person is not there, you would still be responsible to pay for the order.  Also, if a gift is ordered, all we can do is leave it with a secretary, neighbor, or other person, but we cannot be responsible for it after that. If the address you have given us is incorrect, or we are turned away for ANY reason you would still be responsible for the payment of the order.  All of our orders are non-cancelable and non-refundable once the order is placed with our main office by us.  Should a messenger or gift fail to be delivered, due to a fault of ours, you will be refunded 100%.

For further questions call: (504)  947-1057.  Fax to : (504)  947-7035.  Email to order@1800USAFlowers.com

SAVE $5 - $10 BY FAXING YOUR ORDER TO (504) 947-7035

We  reserve the right to substitute gift items, flowers, balloons, singing telegram messengers, etc. when necessary for the same dollar amount. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. (Make money orders out to Eager Productions, Inc. and  send to our accounting offices at  2450 Gladiolus St. New  Orleans, LA 70122- 4838).

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